"If we can't fix it, you didn't break it right."

 Talk to Cynthia, or Larry to get great expert service on your gear. We do mostly string instrument and light electronic repairs on site. Other repairs are sent to local techs that pick up from our store or we ship to an authorized service center.

We can handle all of your pro audio, synthesizer or guitar service needs, in warranty or out.

Give Cynthia or Larry a call at 1-800-444-5252, ext. 4 for more information.

Grandma's has a guitar repair center located in the service department with an in-store technician. Services include restrings, pickup installs, volume and tone pot replacements, Floyd Rose adjustments, replace broken and/or missing parts, guitar intonation, and input jack replacement. If you have any questions regarding service to your guitar, call our guitar department at 505-292-0341 and ask for Larry.

Grandma's Service Rates

Hourly Rate $60.00
Rush Hourly $90.00
Minimum & Estimates $30.00

Charges are by the Quarter Hour
All repairs in warranty or out of warranty are subject to Minimum Charge if no trouble is found with the unit.

Q: How long is the turnaround time for guitars? 
A: We try to get guitars done the same day you drop it off, but the turnaround time depends on the job and how many other guitars we have waiting for repair. We always get your guitar serviced as soon as possible.

Q: How long is the turnaround time for electronics? 
A: The turnaround time for electronics depends on the job, the difficulty of the repair and whether or not we need to order parts. We try to get your electronics serviced as quickly as possible. In some cases we will send the item to another service center in order to expedite the repair.

Q: What can you repair? 
A: We can repair almost anything we can get the parts and schematics for, including older guitars and electronics. We'll even repair gear you didn't purchase from us

Q: How is repairing instruments and electronics important to Grandma's? 
A: Repairing instruments gives us the chance to support our customers. We know our customers, amateur and professional, really count on their instruments and equipment working. Playability and function are important, and we want to support our customers. We're never going to leave people high and dry. We want to make sure that everything leaves the service department fixed properly and in good condition for the customer to use.

We also create an environment of support and education. We're not just here to sell you something, but help people become better engineers, musicians and do what they want to do musically.

Q: Do you give out loaners for gigs if you can't fix my equipment in time? 
A: When our customers have a commitment, we try to enable them to make that commitment when there's a serious problem. If a piece of gear we sold you fails and you have an important gig we'll do our best to get you a loaner.

Q: Can you fix older units? 
A: It depends on the unit and if we can find parts for it. In most cases we can, even if the manufacturer has stopped making the unit. We'll do our best to find the part you need.

Grandma's is an Authorized Repair Center for over 45 different brands of equipment, including:

. . . and many more