Audio Department

Ryan Clement Store Manager
I was forced into piano lessons at age 7, since then I have played professionally and unprofessionally for nearly 40 years. I have written music for film and television in my "spare time" In the mid 80's I started with Grandma's Music and hope to finally have my store account paid off soon. My love of the gear and its evolution keeps me going.

My favorite gear is: Roland rd-700gx, Korg oasys, Yamaha motif xf7, and spectrasonics Omnisphere. There is quite a bit more that I really like but space is limited.

Josh Shepherd 

Josh Shepherd has over 13 years experience in live and studio recording. Josh holds a degree in ?Audio Technology? from the University of New Mexico. Josh has studied both Jazz and Classical trumpet for 25 years, and currently plays in the internationally known Reggae/ Ska Group ?CRAZYFOOL?. My favorite gear is a Roland RE-201 space echo vintage tape delay, a vintage Rode Classic multi-pattern tube microphone, and my Cascade Fat Head ribbon microphone.

Manny Archuleta 

Manny the "Man", has been playing guitar for 19 years and spends most of his time playing in his band, "Before This City". Manny uses Pro-Tools to record and is always happy to assist you. Check out

Neil Girardin  
I purchased my first bass at Grandmas Music. I was pleased with my experience with the establishment from the start. I am excited to help players of all styles and skill levels get the gear and direction they need to grow in their own journey. I am a graduate from Musicians Institute and have played with many groups in the Albuquerque and Los Angeles area over the years ranging from Metal to Latin. Currently playing in a band called Broken Animals.

Some of my favorite gear includes MM Stingray, 57 Fender P-Bass, Fender Jazz 24, Gallien Krueger 400RB, Ampeg SVT cabinets, Electro Harmonix, Pigtronix, MXR, Line 6 M13, Mesa Boogie Bass, just to name a few.

Guitar Department

Jer Killinger Weekend Manager 
My name is Jer Killinger, I have been a musician for twenty years now. I have been in quite a few different kinds of bands throughout the years. I started out playing punk and thrash metal in Ohio (where I grew up) and have since been trying new things all the time. I am currently working on a country/jug band project to challenge myself and try something new. I also have a degree in audio engineering, which is my other passion, when I am not playing music I am recording it, either my projects or helping others with demos and albums. I have been in music retail for eight years now. I LOVE being around gear, and musicians. We are a breed all of our own, and here at Grandma's you won't find anyone quoting a script or trying to push a product we wouldn't stand behind. Those of us that work here are working musicians, that's what drew me to this place long ago as a customer. We still hold true to that, Pro musicians, Pro gear. I like being the guy that gets you what you need, and I enjoy when someone finally gets that piece of gear they have been searching for.

Joe Galle - Guitars
My cousin Frank turned me on to the guitar in the summer of 69. A Framus electric into a Fender Vibro Champ. I was hooked and the rest is history. Currently playing the casino circuit with The Kari Simmons Group. Great to be back at Grandmas. Call me! I can make your gear dreams come true!

Steve Hill 
My name is Steve Hill. I've been playing the guitar since age ten, and I've taught the instrument for 35 years now. I have traveled around the globe with funk and R&B bands. The recording studio is my favorite place to be. I am thrilled to be a part of Grandma's Music and Sound, as I have wanted to work here for years. In addition to performing and teaching, I am also a songwriter and have produced several albums with various cats. It is really great to help people, beginner or professional, in meeting their gear needs.

My favorite equipment is my Gibson ES-339, and various old tube amps. Tone is KING. I am currently working on memorizing the Real Book, and of course honing my jazz chops.

Drum Department

Brandon Cordova Drums
Brandon Cordova has been studying and playing the drums for the past ten years now. Growing up throughout school Brandon always participated in jazz band, marching band, and concert band as well as various side projects ranging from mariachi bands to hip hop groups. In 2011 Brandon marched with the World Class Drum Corp "Seattle Cascades", competing and playing with some of the best players from all over the world. Brandon plays PDP drums, Sabian cymbals, and Vic-Firth drum sticks. Be sure to come visit Brandon here at Grandmas as he will proudly guide you to what you need in the Drum Department. Always with a smile.

Fernando GaravitoDrums
Bio Coming Soon

Service Department

Cynthia Cuellar Service Manager

I have worked at Grandma's since 1999. I am currently studying to be a financial accountant. If you are more comfortable dealing with us in Spanish I will be happy to translate and make sure our staff understands your needs.

Larry Otis Guitar Tech

I love my job. Every instrument I work on I treat as my own. Years ago I brought my sick strat into Rudy's Music in New York City for a major overhaul. When I picked it up a few days later it was amazing to play. The tech generously explained everything that was done and I was impressed by the quality and detail that went into fixing my guitar. An instrument that plays well can turn the light bulb on! My goal is to give that level of service to all my customers.

I'm a guitar player (40+ years) interested in jazz, r&b, gospel, blues and fill-in-the-blank. I'm also a beginning tenor saxophone player. While the guitar can play chords/intervals as well as single note lines, the sax is single note only. The guitar is also very visual: patterns are easily seen and changing keys is relatively easy. The sax is showing where I need to sharpen up mentally. There are no visual cues so constructing scales, arpeggios and lines requires my thinking to go into overdrive. Also because the sax is controlled by my breath it is a very intimately expressive instrument.

If you haven't tried playing a second instrument yet, give it a try. It's never too late and it will make you a better musician overall!

John Miglio Electronics Tech

Photo Coming


Steven Martinez Shipping


Micky Patten

Micky plays bass and guitar and teaches improvisation at the Jazz Workshop.

Patty Patten

Patty does the bookkeeping.